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FREE DELIVERY for orders over $65 Australia Wide
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FREE DELIVERY for orders over $65 Australia Wide
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Get your 44-day supply of our incredible Aloe Vera drinking gel...

Start benefiting from the many nutritional properties that this ‘wonder’ plant has to offer.

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My name is Bronwyn.

I am 66 years young and have overcome breast cancer and a heart attack over the last few years. I can get very tired and stressed at times and also get very bad cramps.

Since being on the Aloe (all the amazing flavours from Nettle Blackcurrant to Peach) I have found that my energy levels and general wellbeing has improved so much! I feel like I can breathe properly again!

I got my 2 year old granddaughter on to the Aloe Peach, as she gets very bad eczema. After a month, I could already see the results. Her skin cleared a lot quicker than what her prescribed meds did.

I also have an elderly (86 year old) friend on the Aloe Nettle Blackcurrant. She has found that it has also helped with her breathing, cramps and coughing. She said she can finally have a full night’s sleep in peace.

My message to all you people out there is that if you’re looking for natural remedies for different health issues, START TAKING THE SANITA ALOE DRINKING GELS! You will love it...and your bodies will thank you for it.


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How does it work?

SANITA’s aloe vera drinking gels are a combination of ingredients specially formulated to ensure a synergistic effect that allows one to gain maximum benefits from the various ingredients.

Studies have shown Aloe Vera significantly boosts the availability of other substances.

The effect of Aloe Vera preparations on the human bioavailability of Vitamins C & E:

It is proven that the simultaneous consumption of aloe vera and the vitamins C and E will boost the bioavailability of the vitamins in the bloodstream by more than 200%. In addition, levels of these health preserving vitamins remain elevated for 24 hours and provide an outstanding natural time release effect.

So what can you look forward to?  

  • Better Health

  • Better Nutrition

  • Better Immunity


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