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Famous Quotations

You ask me what were the secret forces which sustained me during my long fasts
Well, it was my unshakeable faith in God, my simple and frugal lifestyle and the Aloe whose benefits I discovered upon my arrival in South Africa at the end of the nineteenth century.

Mahatma Gandhi
(1869 - 1948)

Four vegetables are indispensable for the well-being of man:
Wheat, the grape, the olive and aloe.
The first nourishes him, the second raises his spirit, The third brings him harmony, and the fourth cures him

Christopher Columbus
(1451 - 1506)

During the twenty years that I have been treating my patients with Aloe, I have found that there are many diseases described by the doctors of antiquity which disappear rapidly when I administer Aloe in the form of granules or powder. Therefore, the good results which I have always obtained allow me to quote the adage of Roger Bacon:
‘Do you wish to live as long as Noah? Then take some pills of Aloah!

Francois Vincent Raspail
(1794 – 1878)

O love what hours were thine and mine,
in lands of palm and southern pine,
in lands of palm and orange blossom,
of olive, aloe and maize and wine.

Tennyson, ‘The Daisy’
Year Unknown

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