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Active Turmeric Elixir Customer Stories

Arndt C.

This product has worked for me!

I have been on blood pressure tablets for a very long time and have been wanting to get off them. I’ve been on the lookout for something that works but have not had much success. Thank goodness! I came across this product, the Active Turmeric Elixir Probiotic. Ever since I have been taking it and it’s been about 3 months now, my blood pressure has gone normal and I have the go ahead from my doctor to stop taking the blood pressure tablets. I have been monitoring my blood pressure and its been amazing, its been normal. My husband too is in the same situation as myself and has the same results. ?

I sure am passing the good word around to my sisters, family and friends. My doctor too has started on it. I am so glad that I’ve come across something natural and that works for me and my family. Sure hope that this product never runs out as its the only thing that has worked for us.

Thank you SANITA for this. You cannot imagine how grateful we are.


I have been taking this product for several months now and find it to be highly beneficial to my health as a daily tonic and as a healing aid when I feel I’m coming down with something. I have bought this product for family and friends and they have all come back for more. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Christine M.
Vic Australia

I’ve had bad diverticulitis for a very long time. Had used many things and taken all kinds of medication & nothing helped. I was at the end of my peddle with things trying to find something to sort my problem out. Unless, I took a lot of tables before or after, nothing would work. The tablets were making me sicker.

I was told to take more fibre which was fine. I’ve always walked past turmeric and then I started reading about it. I was speaking to a lady who sold magnesium and she had suggested that I should try your product as it might work as it is for the gut. She takes it and simply loves it. I called and spoke to a nice gentleman who spoke to us about the digestive system. He suggested for me to take 20mls for 4 days and when I started on it, I started feeling really good. I was not having my usual pains and got better and better. My appetite got better and now I am able to eat foods that I couldn’t eat before. My appetite has come back and I’m eating all the foods that I want. It’s been a blessing. I’m feeling far more relaxed. I am such a believer in this product now and I won’t give up on it.

I did not have a high tolerance of certain foods and now, I’m able to eat anything. The doctor just couldn’t help.

Now, I’m there flogging it out to women I know who have a similar problem. I had a lot of stress at my back and neck and that’s just gone. I used to go to the chiropractor for this and I haven’t been back to see him as the pain’s all gone. I just can’t believe it !!. It’s taken all the stress away from my neck and back. I haven’t had any medication since I’ve been taking this fermented turmeric probiotic elixir.

My bowel movements were fluid prior to this and now its working normal. It certainly is working for me. Even my girlfriend who had also bought at the same time does not have any digestive issues any more.

I’m 73 and I haven’t felt so good. Back to do all the exercises that I used to do. Really feeling a lot more confident. It’s just wonderful, just wonderful. You are really my life savers!!

Jasmine R .

A friend had bought your Fermented Turmeric Probiotic from somewhere. She has leukemia & very bad arthritis. Is in pain all the time.

In taking your product, her pain was relieved and has gone off medication. Had run out of your product. She went to the health food store and picked up another product and hates it. Does nothing for her. Can’t wait for Sanita's Turmeric Probiotic to arrive so she can get back on it again. Thank you!


This stuff, is the real deal. I’ve had such an improvement to my painful left wrist and knees and as well as my frozen shoulder.

I have started referring your Fermented Turmeric Probiotic to so many of my friends. Thank you

Dalia B

Love the Fermeted Turmeric Probiotic! Love the fact that its easy to take and I can see that its potent stuff. Thanks for a great product and in doing such a great job in producing it!

Alloway QLD

I have only been using the Turmeric with black pepper and ginger for about 2 weeks and already my fingers are so much better and less painful. Thank you!!

Oberbe Creek

The Turmeric Probiotic arrived just in time. Three and a half weeks down and I’m extremely pleased with how much it has helped my pain, so quickly and effectively from my fibromyalgia. I have recommended this product far and wide, even to my family overseas.


Thank you to the SANITA staff who had spent so much your time explaining to me about turmeric and its many benefits and how it should be taken to be effective in our body. Your knowledge is truly commendable, and I believe that you providing such a fantastic product. Thank you for your great service and quick delivery. One happy customer!!


I think the following is the bomb. My guts best friend, Fermented turmeric syrup loaded with probiotics. I have worked out after much official and non offical testing that pretty much for the last 7 years I have had leaky gut which was probably brought on from an excessive use of antibiotics to combat mycoplasma which I got while living in Singapore. The symptoms varied over that time but the two main ones were close to chronic fatigue for about two years where I spent a lot of time in bed, on the couch, body like lead and the most incredible brain fog. I worked out it was being caused by an intolerance to wheat (probLy caused by a compromised gut lining due to the antibiotics). Apple cider vinegar was recommended and that helped a lot. So the terrible fatigue was sorted out. Took a break from wheat, brain fog stayed, scattered, unfocused remained until three months ago I saw this Tumeric at our local market. He said only when tumeric is fermented can the body truly absorb the goodness of it. Well it has made the most incredible difference. I am not old, losing my edge, ability to be focused and truly productive! I was just crook and it was all about the gut!! Look into leaky gut, it’s quite incredible how many problem it can cause such as what I’ve explained above, other illnesses, back pain, joint pain, your moods and more. Bone broths, cutting back on gut damaging toxins and getting the right gut bacterial floral so to speak are some of the keys to incredible health. Highly recco this and many of my friends have bought now and enjoying it delicious taste and good results. Over and out Tesha x

Ashwagandha Powder Customer Stories


Can’t believe how good the Ashwagandha is. My job is highly stressful, and I’ve been on the look out for some natural product to help me relax.

I was introduced to SANITA’s Ashwagandha through a friend. Started taking it morning and night and it’s been just amazing.

I sleep better and I’m so relaxed. I’m now able to carry out my day to day activities without getting stressed.

Ian D.

I was introduced to Ashwagandha by a colleague. I took it over a period of 3 months and nothing had happened. Felt no better than what I was feeling before.

Until my naturopath suggested that I should try Sanita’s Ashwagandha KSM66 which has been backed by science. Decided to give it a go as after all I had nothing to lose. After taking this for only 2 weeks, I was totally blown away how powerful this product is.

Its worked wonders for me. Upon further research, I’ve now also discovered the difference between ashwagandha powder and ashwagandha root powder.

Sanita’s Ashwagandha is pure organic root powder. You guys have got a winner here!


I often feel very tired by midday as I spend a lot of time travelling on the road. But ever since I started taking the ashwagandha, I feel my level of concentration and energy has improved tremendously. I can now concentrate all day on the road without being lethargic. Great feeling!

Marie Anne
North Sydney

My daughter who is a University student has been under the pump and pressured by her studies and was always coming back feeling totally exhausted until I came across and article on Withania Somnifera. Did some google search and ended up buying Sanita’s Ashwagandha.

Ever since we started taking this, I feel the great difference in me and I now have a daughter who seems relaxed and is able to carry on with her day to day routine with much ease.

Totally convinced with this product


Fantastic product. Has helped me with my anxiety.


This is really up my ally. It has so many benefits. Wouldn’t be without it at all and with no side effects. How wonderful…


Feeling less anxious than I am normally. It must be working for me. Feeling really good. Thumbs up !

Meadows Aust

I’ve been taking this product now for several months now and its been helping me cope with stress.

Feeling energetic and focused. Without a question, great product.

This is a miracle for me!

Bossley Park

I’m often caught up in a highly strung, highly pressured lifestyle. This has somewhat thrown me off balance and my friends have often said, “its probably just your hormones” with me feeling low, tired and irritable.

My best friend one day brought along this product called Withania and suggested that I should try it out. I thought I’d give it a go.

Wonder why I hadn’t come across Sanita’s product before? It has just done wonders for me.

I’ve been able to manage my life a lot better and its just given me such an improvement in my overall quality of life. So happy!

Curcumin Powder Customer Stories

Doug G.
New Port, New South Wales

I tend to spend a lot of time at my desk with work and study at night.

Over a period of time, I had developed an ache in my right shoulder and neck. At times, the pain can be quiet excruciating.

I started taking the curcumin and it’s been helping my ache. It has subsided tremendously.

I’m very confident that it will go away completely with continous taking of the curcumin.

Gahler C.
Sout Australia

I am a sports and gym enthusiast and a cyclist.

As a result, over the years, my knee joints have been ‘knocked’ around a fair bit.

Your curcumin has been helping me in reducing the aches and pains. LOVE IT!

It’s great to be waking up without the joint pain.

Thanks for your curcumin SANITA.

Norma G.E.
Australian Capital Territory

Just letting you know how great your product is. I am glad I came across SANITA’s curcumin.

It has been a long time that I have lived with pain in my knuckles and not being able to move my fingers with ease.

I started feeling the difference after one week of taking the curcumin. I was able to move my fingers a lot more and with less pain.

The swelling has also reduced and I now can put back my wedding ring on my finger which I am so pleased about.

I am confident that it’s only a matter of time that I will be feeling a lot better. I am now passing the word around to my other friends who are in a similar situation.

By taking my daily dose of curcumin, I no longer experience as much joint stiffness.

Melah S

I’ve never felt better in my life.

I’m sleeping much better now after taking your curcumin.

I am recommending it to all my friends.

You have a great product. Thank you. 

Newtow, New South Wales

I was introduced to your curcumin and aloe vera with manuka honey and spirulina.

Both these products have worked wonders for me and my partner.

She too can’t do without it anymore.

Rosemary I.
Holly Lodge, New South Wales

My husband and I have been using Sanita's Curcumin for 3 months and have noted an enormous improvement in our joints and movement.

At 60 we cycle about 4 times a week in the hilly Southern Highlands of NSW, sometimes 80 km rides as well as horse ride, garden and golf, all these activities were becoming more and more difficult.

Sanita's Curcumin has eleviated all our joint stiffness and arthritic pain, as well as improving my digestion, I no longer have reflux (heartburn). 

Being a doctor and an intensive care nurse we were a bit sceptical at first, but we felt so much better by the third week of taking Sanita's Curcumin we truly believe in the fantastic benefits it provides the body.

Denish K.
New South Wales

I ordered Sanita’s curcumin powder.

This product is great because I was having a lot of joint pain and everything I tried did nothing, but this product really works within a few days of using it.

I noticed my joint pain has eased considerably and I feel that it will go away completely.

I will continue to take this the rest of my life. Love it!

Catherine C.
Central Coast, NSW

I love SANITA’s curcumin!

And also the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel with Manuka Honey and Spirulina.

I take these everyday and feel great.

My energy level is really very high now.

Gabby R.
Mittagong, New South Wales

I am very pleased with SANITA’s curcumin.

I’m not one to write reviews but since taking this curcumin, I feel an ease in my joint pain around my knuckles.

It really has started feeling good again in my hands.

I have just ordered my second jar and I'm going to continue taking this as I truly think that this is ‘GOLD’ in a jar.

I would encourage anyone who is sceptical about trying natural remedies, to give this a go!

Loi K.C.

SANITA’s turmeric extract took about a month to get into my system but now its almost a magic feeling!

I don’t have the constant ache I had for 2 years.

Thank you SANITA!