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Aloe Vera Drinking Gel

Customer Stories

Mckeller M.

I not only enjoy taking your Aloe Vera with Spirulina, I now experience a greater level of energy in my body and my skin has improved tremendously.


Dann W.
Western Australia

After experiencing IBS for quite a while, I was introduced to your aloe vera.

I started feeling great all over again and have since then put my husband and two teenage boys on it as well.

You’ve got a great thing going!

Newtown, New South Wales

I was introduced to your curcumin and aloe vera with manuka honey and spirulina.

Both these products have worked wonders for me and my partner.

She too can’t do without it anymore.

Agentha R.
South Australia

I have been drinking 90mls of your Aloe Vera Drink every day and have noticed many changes in my health.

I do not have the acid reflux that I used to have

I have so much more energy

I am a lot more focused and am able to think a lot clearly.

Sofia M.
New South Wales

I have often considered aloe vera as a miracle plant.

Well, thanks to your aloe vera drinking gel manuka honey spirulina, my skin has cleared completely from acne. 

I have been on it for two months now and recently stopped it for a week and noticed the change in my skin again.

The aloe was the only thing that I was doing differently.

So, its got to do only with the aloe.

I’ve started again and this time, I’m not stopping at all.

R. McCarthy
South Australia

I had a CT Lumbar Spine last May this year as I was experiencing pain on my facet joint right side and the result was I have a "degenerative change with foraminal stenosis".

I was talking about it with a friend who is an Aloe Vera gel user and decided to try it. I started taking it August this year.

I've noticed the great change after I had the 2nd bottle.

At the moment I'm on my 3rd bottle.

Before I started with the drink, I was experiencing lots of pain to turn on my right side, but now with the help of the ALOE VERA drinking gel, there is now less pain turning to my right side.

I will continue to use the product because I'm sure that continuity of using the product will hopefully get rid of my pains.

This is indeed a great testimony since using ALOE VERA drinking gel... many thanks to my friends who were introducing it to me!

Ron & Adele
Sydney, New South Wales

Good morning Resh and Cahl,

Congratulations to both of you! You’ve done a fantastic job for continually promoting the effectiveness of the Aloe Vera drinking gel for our wee-being. It’s remarkably unbelievable and for me the verdict will always be the same – “YOU’RE SIMPLY THE BEST”. As far as I am concerned there is nothing in this world that can really beat the tremendous healing power of the said plant. Aloe Vera is still the no. 1 and “The Queen Of Healing Plants”.

Two weeks ago, I was hit by a terrible flu, agonizing with and excruciating stomach pain and an inflamed, itchy dry cough. My husband managed to set an appointment to see our family doctor and he prescribed me some antibiotic (Amoxil 500mg) and a cough syrup (codeine 100mls) to take it 3 times a day. But after taking it for a day, it got me in a worse condition. I couldn’t east coz every time I swallowed solid food, I ended up to regurgitate it and I was feeling so helpless, being intoxicated and drunk by the overdose drugs urging me to stay in my room and lie down on my bed for the rest of the day. I’ve been controlling myself not to cough coz when I did, it would trigger my abdominal area and gave me a severe pain.

I decided to call up Resh and told her about my condition. Resh explained to me the importance of having the Spirulina and Manuka honey to their Aloe Vera Drinking Gel and right on the spot, I ordered 3 pack and have requested to put my order on a monthly basis. As soon as I received my Aloe Vera, I drank 30mls 3x a day and began to feel the calming effect and slowly subsiding the pain in my stomach. After 3 days of drinking the Aloe Vera, I have fully recovered from my illness and have regained my energy back. Unluckily, when I was getting better my husband is starting to have a sharp cough. So, I shared with him my Aloe Vera and both of us are in a state of good health.

Yes, you are right Resh, when you said: So far you and Cahl did not get any sick at all. I remembered when we were in LR, Ronald and I had commented and had started to be skeptic about the efficacy of the healing plant. It’s only now that I fully understood the miraculous benefits that the Aloe Vera is doing to our health. It strengthens our immune system defence mechanism, thereby preventing us from getting the common colds and influenza. And to stabilize & support our digestive system. A strong Proof Of Evidence when a person is weak and ill, the experience of being relieved by the work of Aloe Vera will never be forgotten.

Thank you Resh. You are indeed the great asset for every company that you have joined. It’s very hard to find a woman like you, whose been passionate to work for the task that you’ve loved doing it, very informative, knowledgeable and most of all with a Heart Of Gold. I say it again, we are your avid admirer. Both of you, Resh & Cahl deserve an elite recognition. Keep up the good work. God bless for those who share their blessing with other.

Love and Care

S. Leigh
Woy Woy, New South Wales

I was diagnosed with IBS 7 years ago. After having tried various different things, it was suggested by my naturopath to go on aloe vera. 

I ran into Sanita aloe at the Health Show and started drinking their aloe vera gel. It has helped me tremendously in fixing my IBS issue.

I now take it regularly to maintain my health.

Thank You SANITA.

Ryan W.
New South Wales

Hi, my name is Ryan W.  I am 52 years old, and have some painful aches and pains in my knee and at times in my hands.

I have been drinking Aloe Joint Wellness for over 10 weeks now. It took a week or so for me to feel the real benefit of this, but the issues that I had with my joints have almost gone completely.

The few times it has happened, there’s been very little pain compared to what it used to be, my hands don’t stiffen at work anymore either.

This has made a huge difference to my life  and it has  also given me an extra boost of energy which before, when I got up or after a day’s work I felt very tired.

I would definitely recommend the Aloe Joint Wellness to anybody with joints or mobility issues.|

I hope it helps you the way it has helped me.

Newcastle, New South Wales

Met up with friends over the holiday period and everyone commented how well I was looking especially so after having gone through some health issues.

I explained to everyone that it all started for me 3 months ago when I started drinking the aloe vera drinking gel from SANITA aloe.

It has truly benefitted my health & my digestive system is working really well now.

C. M.
New South Wales

Hi, I’m 49 years old and have been suffering and going through a lot of discomfort with my digestion.

After trying out every medication that was prescribed to me and trying out lots of different products, I thought I had to live with this discomfort, irritation and bloating for the rest of my life. It was taking a toll on my personal and family life as well.

Till one day recently, I attended an Expo and ran into this company called Sanita. I thought …. Here we go again, some company trying to market another product.
Reluctantly, after speaking with Resh, I decided to give the Sanita aloe vera Peach a go.

After only 4 days of taking it, I began to see great improvement in my bowel movements. Believe me, after going through this for 6 years, I now no longer have any more complaints and have a healthy digestive tract.

I cannot find words to describe what I think about this company’s aloe vera drinking gel.  I’m so Happy with your aloe vera. I take it every day and my bowel movements are now regular. 
This is a miracle for me as no other thing has ever worked before and believe me at 49 years of age, I have been there and tried everything!!

I am now recommending it to all my friends and relatives. 
Thank you a million times Sanita !! 

Cook, Australian Capital Territory

I was introduced to your Aloe Vera juice by my friend.

The use of naturally sourced ingredients such as the organic aloe vera appealed to me.

I have been truly amazed at how much my skin has improved.

I would love it if you will also come up with some skin care products as I just simply love your Aloe Vera drink with manuka honey and spirulina.

I know that your skin care range will be just as good.

Moss Vale, New South Wales

I read that nettle is a superb herb to take for brittle nails and hair which is the main problem that I was facing.

So, when I tried SANITA’s aloe vera drink gel with nettle, I just simply thought what a combination.

This is exactly what I needed. My nails are no longer brittle and my hair structure is much stronger.

Will continue taking SANITA’s aloe vera. Have also recommended this to my girl friends and they love it too.

Thank you SANITA aloe for introducing this to me in my life. I’m so happy……

Lyneham, Australian Capital Territory

I had to change my diet due to some medical issues and I also started drinking Sanita’s aloe vera juice daily (Aloe Nettle) and my health turned around.

This was also because I was getting all the good nutrition, proper amino acid, protein and carbohydrate balance in my body.

I definitely recommend Sanita’s aloe vera drinking gel to everyone.

Leichhardt, New South Wales

Wishing you all the best for 2014. Can’t do a day without my aloe vera spirulina.

Simply the best.

Ms Brown
Perth, Western Australia

Started on your Aloe Vera Drink nettle & blackcurrant around 2 weeks now.

Feel amazing.

Thank you so much.... Will be your loyal customer forever!!!


New South Wales

Hi Sanita

Another 6 days have passed feeling good...Was out and about doing Christmas shopping when ran into a work colleague, she commented on how well I looked, I explained to her that I was Taking Aloe.

New South Wales

Hi all,

Am on my fifth day of taking Aloe Vera spirulina and manuka honey, still early, but already I am noticing changes in my health, my breathing is much better.

(I am a asthmatic) feeling a sense of well- being within me, also eating habits have changed If this not normal then I love this new me, am feeling much fitter

So thank you

Rose Bay, Sydney

I love drinking the aloe vera with spirulina and manuka honey.

I find that ever since I have started taking this product, I have more energy and a clearer mind and am in a better mood.

Love the taste.

I know its doing good for me.

Ms Nguyen
Kensington, Victoria

Love Sanita's Aloe Vera with Spirulina & manuka honey.

Truly believe in the benefits of aloe vera.


New Lambton Heights , New South Wales


I first tried drinking aloe vera about 2 years ago, could not handle the taste.

My neighbour introduced me to Sanita products recently and I love the taste.

I have now introduced it to my parents as they had IBS symptoms and they have found it to be very helpful and are feeling much better as it has kept their problem very much in control.

We have now introduce this to all our friends, & they are enjoying the benefit of this great product. We take it first thing in the morning and before going off to bed. Great Products!

A Big Thank you to SANITA.

Bradbury, Adelaide


Just wanted to let you know. My daughter, Alicia has had psoriasis problem for a long time now with nothing really helping her.

She has been taking your Aloe Vera Drink Peach for the past 2 months and she’s had a great improvement, fantastic results.

She’s really happy and will be on your Aloe Vera drink for life. She is one happy vegemite.

Thank you Sanita!!

Hamilton, New Zealand

To two of the most beautiful people I have had the pleasure to meet thank you for getting me started on your product and I will keep you posted.

Hope you get home safely.

A month later:

I have been taking the Aloe Vera Spirulina and Manuka Honey product and cannot recommend this highly enough.

I have had a troublesome stomach for years, but since drinking this product the improvement has been outstanding.

Just an overall feeling of well being. Love it

Newcastle, New South Wales


I have been drinking Aloe Vera drinking gel for quite some time now.

In winter, I was always coming down with the common cold. Ever since I have been taking the Aloe Vera, I have really been good this winter. 

I have also found that the Sanita Aloe Vera drinking gel with Manuka Honey & Spirulina is also great to sip on when you have a sore throat.

It gave my throat a soothing effect.

Rick Lee
Sydney, New South Wales

Hi guys,

After my operation i was down and weak every day.

After being introduced to Sanita’s aloe vera, been on it only a month, what an amazing change!


New Zealand

Hi all, I’m Nadene,

I absolutely love the Sanita Aloe drinking gel and all its healing benefits. I am 66 years young. I have overcome breast cancer and a heart attack over the last few years, and get very tired and stressed at times. I also get very bad cramps. Since being on the Aloe (stinging nettle and blackcurrant and the Peach) I have found that my energy levels and just my general wellbeing has improved so much. My breathing seems a lot better too.

I got my 2 year old granddaughter onto the Aloe Peach, as she gets very bad eczema, and it seemed to make a big difference. Her skin cleared a lot quicker than what her meds did and she didn't seem to be scratching as much and slept a lot better.

I also have an elderly (86) friend on the Stinging Nettle Blackcurrant Aloe. She has found that it has also helped with her breathing, cramps and coughing. She said she can now sleep through the night without coughing and almost choking. She loves it. I have also given many of my other grandchildren the Manuka Honey Aloe for colds and sniffles which also has helped them cope and get over it more quickly.

My message to all you people out there, that are looking for natural remedies for different health issues, START TAKING THE SANITA ALOE DRINKING GELS!!
You will love it...and your bodies will thank you for it.