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I think the following is the bomb. My guts best friend, Fermented turmeric syrup loaded with probiotics. I have worked out after much official and non offical testing that pretty much for the last 7 years I have had leaky gut which was probably brought on from an excessive use of antibiotics to combat mycoplasma which I got while living in Singapore. The symptoms varied over that time but the two main ones were close to chronic fatigue for about two years where I spent a lot of time in bed, on the couch, body like lead and the most incredible brain fog. I worked out it was being caused by an intolerance to wheat (probLy caused by a compromised gut lining due to the antibiotics). Apple cider vinegar was recommended and that helped a lot. So the terrible fatigue was sorted out. Took a break from wheat, brain fog stayed, scattered, unfocused remained until three months ago I saw this Tumeric at our local market. He said only when tumeric is fermented can the body truly absorb the goodness of it. Well it has made the most incredible difference. I am not old, losing my edge, ability to be focused and truly productive! I was just crook and it was all about the gut!! Look into leaky gut, it’s quite incredible how many problem it can cause such as what I’ve explained above, other illnesses, back pain, joint pain, your moods and more. Bone broths, cutting back on gut damaging toxins and getting the right gut bacterial floral so to speak are some of the keys to incredible health. Highly recco this and many of my friends have bought now and enjoying it delicious taste and good results. Over and out Tesha x

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