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I purchased your Fermented Turmeric Probiotic a few weeks ago. I have been having knee, ankle & hip pain and shopping was such a chore as I had to stop several times to rest as the pains were unbearable while walking.

After 2 weeks of taking your product, I’ve never felt better, feeling so good, no pain. I’ve been able to do my shopping at Woolworths, then went to Kmart and then Target without even stopping to rest and best of all, no pain. This product has done it!! Its done wonders for me and its so wonderful.

Not taking my pain killers anymore as there’s no need to.

Can’t do without this product now. I had only bought one bottle to trial it out and now I wish I had bought 2 at that point as I’ve only got 2 doses left. Please send my order through quickly as I sincerely cannot do without it. It’s God sent!! Thank you so, so much.

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