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Christine M.

Vic Australia

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I’ve had bad diverticulitis for a very long time. Had used many things and taken all kinds of medication & nothing helped. I was at the end of my peddle with things trying to find something to sort my problem out. Unless, I took a lot of tables before or after, nothing would work. The tablets were making me sicker.

I was told to take more fibre which was fine. I’ve always walked past turmeric and then I started reading about it. I was speaking to a lady who sold magnesium and she had suggested that I should try your product as it might work as it is for the gut. She takes it and simply loves it. I called and spoke to a nice gentleman who spoke to us about the digestive system. He suggested for me to take 20mls for 4 days and when I started on it, I started feeling really good. I was not having my usual pains and got better and better. My appetite got better and now I am able to eat foods that I couldn’t eat before. My appetite has come back and I’m eating all the foods that I want. It’s been a blessing. I’m feeling far more relaxed. I am such a believer in this product now and I won’t give up on it.

I did not have a high tolerance of certain foods and now, I’m able to eat anything. The doctor just couldn’t help.

Now, I’m there flogging it out to women I know who have a similar problem. I had a lot of stress at my back and neck and that’s just gone. I used to go to the chiropractor for this and I haven’t been back to see him as the pain’s all gone. I just can’t believe it !!. It’s taken all the stress away from my neck and back. I haven’t had any medication since I’ve been taking this fermented turmeric probiotic elixir.

My bowel movements were fluid prior to this and now its working normal. It certainly is working for me. Even my girlfriend who had also bought at the same time does not have any digestive issues any more.

I’m 73 and I haven’t felt so good. Back to do all the exercises that I used to do. Really feeling a lot more confident. It’s just wonderful, just wonderful. You are really my life savers!!

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